MAMA, I made it.

The past 4 years have flown by at NC State. It's weird knowing that I don't have to worry about preparing for school in the fall. This feeling is bittersweet and I am anxious to see where I will go next. I took these photos for me. I haven't been in front of the camera in awhile and thought it would be more personal to cherish this achievement of graduation through film. With the help of my friend Ace, I had a lax shoot in some of my favorite spots: Leazar Hall (where the majority of my classes were) and the Handee Hugo (where I bought late night snacks and maybe a 40 to relieve some stress). I will miss this time of my life but it is time to grow a little more.  

Click through my weird short journal (I do stuff like this during "free time"): 

More pics:

Photos by Ace Henderson

Eastover | My Mother's Home

I experience the same grounded and almost spiritual feeling every time I set foot in my mother's hometown. Often missed in a blink of an eye while driving down the highway, Eastover brings back great memories of my cousins and I playing through the woods and on the rocky dirt roads. Things have changed and people barely have time to make it back but on Labor Day I was able to see a few of my relatives. My uncles still loved beer, my aunt still grew pears and muscadines, and my nephews still tried their best to get me to tackle them. While indulging in freshly fried fish and bread, hot sauce and mustard I easily forgot about the outside world. It was just so refreshing to be around family in such a familiar place with great sentimental value. 

Portra 400

Last Day in NYC - THE MET

At this point I had been in New York City for over 4 weeks. I visited and toured areas like Flatbush and Williamsburg in Brooklyn and even made my way to Coney Island but I hadn't set foot on the westside of Central Park. I was staying in Harlem so I simply took the C train to 81st St. and walked across Central Park eventually entering the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest museum in the United States and host of the famous Met Gala. I walked up the crowded steps of this magnificent wonderland, payed 2 dollars and got lost in history. Just some iPhone pictures: 

Playing with Plastic

My love for nonconventional surfaces never stops. While browsing around in the "Utility Fabric" section I came across a roll of clear plastic vinyl. I couldn't help to just get a yard to play around with! This is just the beginning of a new collection!