My nose was glued to the window of the 12 person van. My lengthy legs cramped and the smell of McDonald's sausage biscuits never left my clothes. It was different traveling in a group so large but of course, I still managed to make this trip personal. From wandering the streets of Hollygrove (where the Airbnb was located) to the Bourbon Street where I talked to a 35-year-old man about life and cried, my Nikon F (Allen) was on my hip majority of the time. The bright pigments on buildings and the details of the Creole cottages in the French quarter prevented me from thinking about the tremendous amount of homework that I had waiting for me back at school. Trying to conquer all of the "must do's", I finessed my way to a neck full of Mardi Gras beads, sipped on a deadly Fish Bowl and successfully dodged everyone that was so captivated by my fro that they felt the need to touch it. I couldn't stop thinking about Hurricane Katrina and thankfully saw the revived part of New Orleans hosting the NBA All-Star Weekend. NOLA was refreshing yet still so rooted and authentic. Can't wait to go back in March to savor the color architecture, people, and food all over again. Oh yeah, here are some pics: